For Sale, Cheap -- Or Maybe Not

The kids were watching The Small One today, and the following conversation ensued:

William: "Why does Small One have to be sold?"

Me: "Because he can't work enough to pay for his food anymore."

William: "Why can't he work?"

Me: "He's getting too old."

William: "Why is he getting old?"

Me: "All living things eventually get old except for Dick Clark."

William: "I'm not old."

Me: "No, right now you're a little boy, but someday you'll get old like Mommy."

*long pause*

William, with a slight hitch in his voice: "And then you'll have to sell me?"

(After working hard to smother laughter, I assured him that we weren't going to sell him, ever. Violet, maybe, but not him.)


  1. Adorable!

    Violet is for sale? I'll take her! ;) What's another girl?

  2. Violet's not for sale YET, but if she keeps up with this terrible twos business, I may have to reconsider... :P

  3. My daughter (age 6) was asking me if we would sell her so she doesn't have to deal with her brothers anymore. (This was after she learned that my brother and his wife are adopting a little boy from Russia.)

    Isn't that Small One movie so cute? I had never heard of it until we bought a Mickey Mouse video and it had that movie in it.

  4. We have the same Mickey Mouse DVD, Becky! I do remember seeing it as a kid, though, maybe on TV...

  5. Awww!!! I almost cried!! Poor boy! (and poor Violet!!) Hahaha!


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