7 Quick Takes Friday - June 1, 2012

--- 1 ---

I finally got paid the check I should have gotten on May 16. I'm supposed to get another today (but for some inexplicable reason, they're not handing those out until after 3pm). We'll see if that actually happens.

--- 2 ---

One silver lining to this whole paycheck situation is that the higher-ups have FINALLY given our department permission to have a work-from-home program. (It was pointed out that such a program - which they've been resisting for years, despite giving other departments permission - would go a long way toward mending the trust that has been breached with the late paycheck situation.) It's only one day a week, but it beats nothing at all.

--- 3 ---

I can so relate to this after the stress of the last two weeks:

--- 4 ---

Assuming I get my second paycheck today, the kids will start back at daycare on Monday. Glory hallelujah (and thank goodness that their spots were still available!). I think I've accomplished more today, being physically in my office with no kids around, then I did all week when I was working from home AND trying to simultaneously care for the kids.

--- 5 ---

In non-work news, Elanor drew a family portrait yesterday:
From left to right - William, Violet, Mommy (holding Gabriel), Elanor, and Daddy (holding his Father's Day gift, apparently). She even included our cat, who's been missing for over a year (but who she still talks about).

--- 6 ---

Guess who's now six months old!

--- 7 ---

The Bidding Malcolm Home auction has started early!!! It'll be open through Sunday. There's a lot of great stuff; check it out!

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  1. Ohmygosh #5 melts my heart! What a sweet picture!

  2. #2 yayyyy! And woohooo on getting paid. Gabriel is sooooo cute! Thanks for plugging the auction!


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