7 Quick Takes Friday - June 8, 2012

--- 1 ---

Collin and I went to the Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally in Phoenix today. Despite the temperature in the 100s, there were around 1,000 people there! One bad thing: both Collin and I forgot sunscreen. Oops. I'm turning a very unattractive shade of lobster red as a result. Still, it was worth it.

--- 2 ---

--- 3 ---

Gabriel had sweet potatoes this week. He loved them!

--- 4 ---

So, you know the two paychecks I got on Friday? They bounced on Tuesday. I'm not even kidding. I was, and am, furious. The company (FINALLY) wired the money into my account on Thursday, but I'm still waiting to get reimbursed for the NSF and wire transfer fees -- and I have no clue if payroll will be made next Friday.

I'm betting not.

Needless to say, the job hunt continues...

--- 5 ---

I've been meaning to write an actual blog post, but job hunting is eating up what would usually be blogging time. Sigh.
--- 6 ---

Congratulations to Kara for running a very successful online auction to benefit Malcolm! The auction raised over $1,400! The best part? I WON THE YODA HAT!

Soooooooooooooooooo excited!
--- 7 ---

Look at sweet Parker over at Orphan Report. Sigh. Those eyes!

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  1. So glad the rally was a success!! So sorry I couldn't be there and that you got burned!

    FRUSTRATION about the paychecks, and I will pray that you find something soon!

    Gabriel could not be cuter.


    And, thank you for highlighting Parker. :) I love that kid, obviously.

  2. Boooo for the sunburn and your stupid work.

    YAYYYY For the rest! And thank you for the congrats! I am so thrilled it went so well.

  3. Sorry about the sunburn! but great job getting out there.

    What kind of company doesn't pay its people? My budget accounting class 101 in college, one of the first rules was salaries was the FIRST thing you pay...always. holy moly. Prayers that you find something soon!

  4. Oh, my....I'm so sorry @ the checks! And the sunburn.


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