7 Quick Takes Friday - May 31, 2013

--- 1 ---

Collin and I celebrated our tenth anniversary as full-fledged Catholics on May 29. In honor of the day, I wrote a blog post for Catholic Stand regarding some of my favorite things about Catholicism.

--- 2 ---

No Quick Takes last week because I was at a hotel with my husband and NO KIDS! We had two days and two nights to ourselves. It was glorious. Oh, we were staying at the hotel so we could attend Phoenix Comic-Con. The best part? I MET GARRET WANG.

 photo null-3.jpg

Who is Garret Wang? Why, only one of the stars of my all-time favorite TV show, Star Trek: Voyager.

 photo null-2.jpg

Collin even got a video of me asking him a question at his panel discussion (which, by the way, was AWESOME. He is SUCH a funny, personable guy). It was quite a moment for me.

--- 3 ---

I also met Peter David, one of my favorite Star Trek authors. The book he signed is the first hardcover Star Trek book I've ever owned, and I've had it since I was fourteen or so.

 photo null-1.jpg

--- 4 ---

On Sunday, we picked up the kids from their respective babysitters (my BIL & SIL took the older three, and the ever-awesome Kara took Gabe) and then we all went out for brunch. Gabriel had chocolate chip pancakes and I think he enjoyed them:

 photo null.jpg

--- 5 ---

In Tiebreaker news, I've set up an appointment for August 8 with a pediatric orthopedic specialist at Phoenix Children's Hospital. He's listed on the Ponseti International website as a preferred provider for the Ponseti method (and he's in our insurance network, which is extremely good news), so I'm looking forward to meeting with him and discussing Tiebreaker's eventual treatment plan.

--- 6 ---

I'm also going to have a Level II ultrasound at a local perinatalogist's practice on June 5, per the request of my OB. He wants to make extra sure that Tiebreaker's club feet are idiopathic and not due to a larger syndrome like spina bifida or arthrogryposis. I'm fairly confident everything else is okay -- the odds are in our favor, and the u/s tech at my original ultrasound seemed to look at the baby's other limbs and organs pretty carefully, so this is just a precaution. (I'm still freaking out a tiny bit, though, because conditions like arthrogryposis can't be detected prenatally. Still, we'll face whatever comes when it comes.)

Now that I'm having this additional ultrasound, I'm struggling with the temptation to find out the baby's sex. Collin really, really doesn't want to know. There's no way I could find out and not tell him -- I'd do or say something that gave it away eventually. I do love the delivery day surprise, so I'm leaning toward not finding out, but still... it's tempting.

--- 7 ---

Meg is running a T-shirt fundraiser to earn money for orphans in China; check it out!

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  1. Yes! I'm so glad you are meeting with the doctor for TB's little feet!

    I vote keep the surprise. :-) I LOVE surprise babies. :-D

  2. I am a fan of finding out, and I know it's super tempting, but it sounds like you both really want a surprise, so I stay, stick with the surprise and keep us all in suspense.

  3. I say you two have gone with "surprise" four times now. It's time for Collin to compromise. Tell him for the next one you won't even find out after the birth in the interest of fairness.

  4. Awesome on the autographs and meeting up with Garret! IMZADI is one of my favorite Trek books.


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