7 Quick Takes Friday - June 28, 2013

--- 1 ---

Three days until vacation!!!!!!! We leave for Mexico on Tuesday and I cannot WAIT.

Besides Collin's kidney stones last Friday and what turned out to be a sinus infection on my end (my OB gave me a pack of Zithromax and I am SO GRATEFUL), we've also had a nonstop running toilet, a leaking garbage disposal, a broken sprinkler head in the front yard, something funky going on with our van's sliding door that's causing the interior lights to stay on, TWO scorpions, and a broken bed (the bed actually broke a few weeks ago, but we need to get it fixed before Monday so my dad has a place to sleep). God willing, we can get everything fixed or jerry-rigged before we leave on Tuesday morning.

--- 2 ---

Please continue to pray for my twin niece and nephew! Axel & Lyla are still in the NICU but are getting better by the day.

Here's a sweet pic my sister posted on FB - the twins getting some daddy time. :)

 photo null-4.jpg

--- 3 ---

As I mentioned above, I had an OB appointment on Monday -- my first since Tiebreaker's diagnosis. It was routine - Tiebreaker's heartbeat was 148 bpm and everything else looked good. I scheduled my GD test (ew) for July 19. Can't wait to get that over with. I was pleased, though, that my OB asked me first if I wanted to do the test, and took some time to discuss the risks and benefits with me.

--- 4 ---

Have you donated to the laundry room fundraiser for Dwija and family yet?? Look at that total so far!!

--- 5 ---

My latest post for the Catholic Stand, Jimmy Carter's Profound Ignorance, was published on Wednesday.

--- 6 ---

Speaking of profound ignorance, I read this article earlier today and the following quotes made my blood boil:

"The context of RFRA makes it abundantly clear that Congress did not give for-profit corporations the right to evade federal regulation in the name of their shareholders' religious freedom," the Justice Department argued this week.

"As Congress understood, extending religious exemptions to for-profit corporations would impermissibly advance religion to the detriment of the employees, who are autonomous human beings with rights and beliefs of their own," it said.

There is so much wrong about those statements that I hardly know where to BEGIN.

First of all, our country was FOUNDED on the principle that the government could not make federal regulations that inhibited the free exercise of religion, so the first paragraph is completely mistaken on that point. Corporations are owned by PEOPLE, and those people have religious beliefs.

Secondly, employees are still "autonomous human beings with rights and beliefs of their own" even if their boss refuses to subsidize their recreational birth control. Said employees can exercise their autonomy, rights, and beliefs by marching to the nearest pharmacy and purchasing whatever means of contraception they choose with their own money. Their employer can't and shouldn't prohibit them from doing so. On the flip side, the employees shouldn't force their employer to violate his or her autonomy, rights, and beliefs by demanding that he pay for drugs that he finds morally objectionable -- but that's EXACTLY what the HHS mandate does.

--- 7 ---

Well, supper just arrived (pizza night!) so I need to go feed my feral children. Adios!

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  1. That picture is adorable!! And, #6 makes my blood boil.

    #5… my hubs used to intern for the Carter Center in college. Today he cannot stand Jimmy, whom he calls an idiot. I agree!!

    Have fun in Mexico, friend!

  2. I saw that sweet photo when scanning through the 7 Quick Takes links. As a fellow NICU mommy (she's now three and quite healthy!), I had to click over... totally heart melting. Your niece and nephew are in my prayers! Have a lovely vacation ;-).

  3. #2: sweetest photo I've ever seen

    #5: read your article in Catholic Stand and it was great

    #6: as if my blood wasn't boiling enough already reading after those Jimmy Carter quotes!

    Keep fighting the good fight!

  4. Ugh, #6 - thank you for putting it so succinctly. I just wish everyone else could see reason the way you do.
    #2 - what beautiful photo - those two little mouths open and laying on their daddy like that just makes me smile :)

    Hope you enjoy your vacation!

  5. That picture--wow! So, so, cute! That needs to be blown up and framed.

    About the running toilet--my brother and SIL just went through a horrendous experience w/ a running toilet. Long story short, it ruined almost entire house-basement, living room, kitchen and bedrooms. The ceilings and walls all have to be removed. Their insurance rented them a hotel room but thankfully they had a vacation already planned while the reconstruction was going on. Look at the pics at their blog:http://daousts-thewhinecellar.blogspot.com/2013/06/when-it-rains-it-pours.html


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