7 Sleep-Deprived Quick Takes - June 21, 2013

--- 1 ---

So tired. I managed a solid three hours of sleep last night, about 9pm-midnight, before I woke up to Collin's loud moans. I thought he was having a nightmare (extremely unusual for him) so I started shaking him awake. He told me that he was awake but in severe pain and he thought he had to go to the ER.

--- 2 ---

I called my MIL, who saved the day and came to pick him up and take him so I could stay home with the kids. Thank goodness she was willing and able to come, otherwise I would have had to wake up all the kids and load them into the van or call an ambulance.

Of course, once they were gone decent sleep was impossible due to my anxiety. After saying a decade or two of the rosary I managed to doze off and on, but didn't really sleep all that well.

--- 3 ---

Collin got home about 5:30 this morning. Diagnosis: kidney stones (yes, multiple). He's had them once or twice before, so it's what we suspected, but the ER staff did an ultrasound and CAT scan to rule out appendicitis or gallbladder issues.

--- 4 ---

I was incensed when Collin told me that his first IV failed because some idiot opened the door and crashed into the tech who was in the process of inserting it. This despite the first tech yelling, "Don't come in! Don't come in!" when the first guy knocked. Collin said it was like being attended to by the Three Stooges (or two stooges in this case). They're lucky I wasn't there, because this sleep-deprived hormonal pregnant lady would have made HEADS ROLL.

--- 5 ---

For some inexplicable reason our city does not have a 24-hour pharmacy so he hadn't been able to fill his perscriptions. I got the kids ready and off to daycare, then went to the pharmacy near our house on the dot of eight, only to be told that they were clean out of Percocet. Apparently, they're only allowed to stock a certain amount by law. Grrrr. Thankfully, the pharmacy across the street had some in stock, but it was still ten o'clock by the time I made it in to work.

--- 6 ---

Did I mention I have a cold? I've slept poorly for days because I'm so stuffed up. First bronchitis, then a nasty stomach bug, and now another cold. My immune system hates me. Anyway, a co-worker recommended Alkalol Nasal Wash, and it works amazingly well. I use it in my neti pot and it clears my nasal passages and sinuses much more thoroughly than the saline wash alone. I recommend it!

--- 7 ---

I'm too tired to thinkg of #7, so I'll just end it here. I hope to God everyone can just stay healthy the next few weeks so our July vacation to Mexico isn't ruined.

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  1. You all are my offering at Mass today. Get well soon!


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