Nativity Stones Jewelry - Product Review

** This is a sponsored post.  I have been compensated with product from this company in return for a full and honest review.  All opinions herein are my own.**

Recently, I was contacted by The Nativity Stones and asked if I'd like a free necklace in return for blogging about their products. I love jewelry, so I was intrigued, and I went to their website to read more about their products. They have such a fascinating story! Each necklace contains an actual stone excavated from the Cave of the Nativity in Bethlehem -- which Tradition says is the birthplace of Jesus -- in 1963. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Nativity Stones’ jewelry and gifts are donated to worthy charities each year.

The necklace arrived several days ago and it is beautiful. I received the Classic Nativity Stones Cross:

The cross measures 1-3/8"x 7/8", came with a 22" chain, and is layered in 18k gold. I love the sunburst detail around the stone, and I like how each of the cross edges have three joined arches, suggestive of the Trinity, or maybe the Holy Family (or both!). The stone inside, as the picture shows, is not merely a tiny chip but a sizable pebble.

The cross has a lovely design that is also unisex. It'd be an excellent ordination gift for a priest or deacon, or as a gift for a religious sister who is professing her final vows. These necklaces would also make very meaningful Christmas gifts, but they would be wonderful choices for any significant spiritual event in the life of a godchild - Confirmation or Baptism, for example. They would make a very special Mother's Day gift as well. 

The Nativity Stones has very generously offered my readers a discount on any of their necklaces as thanks for reading this review. Use the code STAR15 in their online store to receive 15% off! Be sure to like them on Facebook as well.


  1. Pretty. I heard in the vid that the stones are recognized by the Vatican as authentic, but I'm wondering if they arrive already blessed by a priest. Do you happen to know?

    Also, do you happen to know if they set the stones in any kind of large, chunky ring design? I saw none on their site. I swoon for oversized artistically styled rings that decorate the entire bottom of the finger- knuckle downward. Would love to see a ring designed with these stones set in sterling.

    1. I don't think they are already blessed, and I think they are only necklaces.


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