Shocking Photo of a Mother Nursing in Public

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Seriously, though, I am really perplexed by all of the outrage about breastfeeding moms nursing in public.

For example, this person took a surreptitious picture of a breastfeeding mom (when interviewed, the mom, Kate White, said she forgot her cover, and asked her friends if they'd mind if she fed her child first):

Is anyone else confused? Why was this person outraged that a mother was feeding her child at lunchtime in a public restaurant? Isn't that what restaurants are for?

Then there was an Internet conniption over Karlesha Thurman's picture:

Again, I'm not seeing a problem. A nursing mom who just graduated from college is feeding her baby. And this is a problem... why? Apparently some people would prefer to hear her baby screeching throughout the ceremony instead? We should be applauding this woman for making it through college while parenting a kid, because that is HARD.

My question to all the people who clutch their pearls and shriek with horror at the above pictures:  are you also ranting and raving about pictures like these, all of which show up in public on a fairly regular basis?

What if you're at Chik-fil-a and someone is reading a copy of the above magazine? Do you ask them to put a cover over it, or to take it into the bathroom to read?

What if you see the following in the grocery store checkout line? Do you gasp in horror and grab the nearest issue of Good Housekeeping to shield your eyes? 

Oh wait. 

What if you're walking through a store and they happen to be playing the Oscars on a display TV screen? Do you declare how actresses need to stay at home if they can't cover themselves in public? (Okay, you may have a point, but we're talking about double standards here.)

I see a lot of condemnation and outrage directed at moms who nurse their babies in public, and yet I don't see similar levels directed at women who show as much boob (if not more) in magazines, advertisements, etc. 

Take the picture above (Brandi Glanville, 2013 Oscars). Did it go viral with complaints and judgement? I don't think it did. But why not? Ms. Glanville is showing just as much skin, if not more, than Kate White or Karlesha Thurman. 

The only difference is that she isn't feeding a baby in her picture. 

If you get up in arms about seeing a mom feeding her baby, I have a word of advice for you: 

I see a flash of white to my immediate right, but not a nipple to be seen
A mama is feeding her baby - hey that's that's awesome; she's a queen!
But the world is howling like a swirling storm outside
"Gotta keep it in, gotta run and hide!"

"Don't take them out, don't let them see
God forbid you feed your own baby
Conceal, don't reveal, don't let them know..."


Let it go, let it go! Don't freak out anymore
Let it go, let it go! Even if you're at the store!
She's feeding a kid, don't make her hide away
Let the storm rage on
Some boob never bothered you anyway.

(profuse apologies to Disney et al, but I couldn't help myself)


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