Product Review - Organic Mama Shop

When I was at Edel, I loved the vendor tables. So many beautiful items! (But, alas, so little money!) 

One table in particular that really impressed me was Organic Mamas Shop. (There's a Facebook page, too.)

I stopped dead in my tracks when I saw a beautiful necklace.

The beads were my favorite shade of slate blue, and the pendant was an elegant wooden "M" with a miraculous medal embedded in it. Isn't it beautiful?

It has ten beads so it can be used as a one-decade rosary as well. 

Look at those gorgeous shades of blue! I had to buy it. 

Then, Shannon (the lovely proprietor of the shop) told me that my purchase was part of a special promotion -- spend more than $20 and pick out free nursing necklace! Peter's getting to the age where he likes to try pull my hair while nursing, so this was fantastic news to me. They were all in paper bags so I had Luisa pick one at random, and to my delight I got one that was the same blue as my necklace!

Both necklaces are made with organic cotton cord (so no metal allergies to worry about, if you have any).

Plus, they're fully adjustable!

I'm so pleased with both of them that I immediately volunteered when Shannon asked if any customers wanted to do a blog review.

Also, because Shannon is just that awesome, she offered a discount coupon for my readers!

If you purchase anything from her shop and enter the code STAROFHOPE, you'll get 25% off!  How awesome is that? There's a catch, though -- the code will only be good for the next TEN days. So you have until August 22 to take advantage.

Be sure to check out her gorgeous rosaries and rosary bracelets, too. (FYI... my wedding anniversary is in less than a month. And my birthday is in November. Just thought I'd throw that out there.) ;)

Happy shopping!

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