7 Quick Takes Friday - Feb 18, 2011

Thanks to Jen for hosting.

1. A prayer request to start off: please pray for my friend D. and her husband M. They lost their baby girl (their first child) earlier this week; D. was in her second trimester of pregnancy. It's a heartbreaking loss and they could use some prayer support.

2. As you may have noticed, I've been messing with my blog template. I'm still dissatisfied with it so I may do more messing around in the weeks to come. If anything looks truly horrible, please don't hesitate to share your opinion; I want this blog to be easy on the eyes so far as design goes. :)

3. My painting plans for this weekend have been postponed because my uncle Jon and aunt Barb flew in from ND to visit. They took Grandma on a day trip to the Grand Canyon today. I would never be crazy enough to try that trip in a day, but they wanted to give it a shot. Kudos to them for bravery!

4. Elanor has been sick the past two days. Fever and vomiting, lots of fun. Thankfully, she seems to be on the mend. I just hope the other two don't catch it.

5. Have I mentioned how fantastic my FIL is? He came over today and mopped our floors, vacuumed the stairs and upstairs carpet, and did miscellaneous other tasks while Collin helped him with his computer. He should get a "greatest father-in-law" medal or something. The Father-in-Law Medal of Honor.

6. We decided to go with DirectTV for cable, and I LOVE having EWTN available. It's nice for other shows, too; we've never had DVR before so we're still getting used to being able to record our favorite shows. Now if we only had more time to watch them...

7. Time for a slightly embarrassing revelation: I write fanfiction. Back in the day I wrote a ton of Star Trek: Voyager stories. I started a Harry Potter fanfic a few years ago but never finished it (no point now, really). Currently, I'm working on a Monk story. I'm not that great at making up my own characters, but I love playing with other people's.


  1. Yay for EWTN! I miss it so much!!

    I'm praying for your friend. I can't even imagine such a late loss :(

  2. Praying for your friends who miscarried. :(

  3. Whoa, your father-in-law is a fine man!!!!

    Hope Elanor is doing better!

  4. You go girl! Major Trekkie here...

    but Dr. Who would be my choice to write a story for! Hope the sick baby is better and will pray for your friends who lost their baby


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