7 Quick Takes Friday - October 14, 2011 - Haiku Edition

--- 1 ---

New iPhone 4S is 
waiting for me at home. 
4pm, come soon! 

--- 2 ---

The kids watch Star Wars 
over and over again.  
Love this new obsession. 

--- 3 ---

I'm 31 weeks. 
Jeez, was I this big before? 
My belly is huge. 

--- 4 ---

My new goal in life: 
Please, Leila Miller?? ;) 

--- 5 ---

Prayed outside clinic 
yesterday afternoon for 

--- 6 ---

Pumpkin spice lattes 
are so very, very good.
I must get one soon 

--- 7 ---

 Plans for tomorrow: 
Sleep in, do laundry, fix bikes. 
Or maybe just sleep. 

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  1. Go have a big pumpkin latte this weekend...

    While you are still pregnant...

    Because you can ignore the calorie count :-)

    Henry's mommy

  2. Totes want a Bubble onesie too! And a pumpkin latte. MMMM!!

  3. Cheap! The onesie is miiiiiine!!! lol

    This was hilarious. Love it. Woooohooooooo for #1!

  4. I wish the onesies could breed!! I will make sure you all get one or die trying!!

    I would love to write a haiku response, but I can't remember how and I am too lazy to google it.

    Great QTs!!


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