What's Wrong with this Picture?

A (very liberal) Facebook friend posted the following to her wall earlier today:

I commented that the initial assertion in the graphic (specifically, "The House just passed a bill that will let a hospital refuse a woman emergency abortion care even if she will die without it") was a blatant lie, offered a link demonstrating step-by-step how it is a lie, and asked her to please not post pictures that propogate lies.

The response by her and her liberal cronies, in a nutshell?

"It's not a lie! The Protect Life Act doesn't create jobs, therefore the graphic doesn't lie!"

I sometimes wonder why I even try.


  1. Yeah me neither. What the heck? What is wrong with people? Libs.... sigh...

  2. Logic and truth are lost in them.

  3. Gag. I actually deleted my FB account because of s*** like this. I can't stand it, and found I was starting to dislike my "friends" a lot more than when I only communicated with them 1-2x a year! So much more peaceful now without FB!

  4. It's entirely probable that this friend didn't bother to read the entire picture before posting.


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