7 Quick Takes Friday - March 1, 2013

--- 1 ---

For those of you who aren't on Facebook, our Mystery Date was at the Arizona Broadway Theater. We had a marvelous dinner and then saw a terrific performance of "Hello, Dolly!" We had a lot of fun!

--- 2 ---

William turned 5 on February 25!

He wanted to know why he couldn't start kindergarten the next day, and was very disappointed when I told him he had to wait until August.

--- 3 ---

Miss Violet turns 3 on Tuesday! Ack! Slooooooooooow dooooooooooooooown!

--- 4 ---

Speaking of Violet, she's having a lot of fun with Grandma Violet.

--- 5 ---

How cute is he???

--- 6 ---

Earlier this week, my sister shared the news that her twins (due in July) are boy/girl! Now she has two boys and two girls just like me. :) I'm so thrilled for her family!

--- 7 ---

Please pray for an online friend. She went in for her 20 week ultrasound and the baby had no heartbeat. :( She delivered her son early this morning, and I just can't imagine her heartbreak.

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  1. That is so sad. I'm hearing about a lot of babies dying in the womb lately. She is in my prayers.

  2. Happy birthdays!!!

    Hello, Dolly! is so fun. My kids have been watching the movie.


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