7 Quick Takes Friday - April 15, 2011

Thanks to Jen for hosting.

1. I'm thrilled that I won a blog makeover, courtesy of Michelle at Endless Strength. I'm working with Kelsey at Kreated by Kelsey and I'm very excited about the new design! Stay tuned to see the new look!

2. I prayed for another hour at Planned Parenthood as part of 40 Days for Life on Tuesday afternoon. There were five of us there over the course of the hour. One woman, Brenda, was holding an "I Regret My Abortion" sign, and said she was part of Phoenix's Silent No More outreach. I am in awe of women like her who so bravely bear witness.

There were two disturbing incidences. Soon after we got there, a teenage girl left the facility with a teenage boy. The teenage boy was yelling at her and seemed to be berating her. The PP staffers were walking out with her and looked like they were prepared to intervene if necessary. I had my cell phone out and was ready to call 911 myself. However, she got into a car with him and they left. I couldn't hear what he was saying -- I don't know if he was berating her for going through with the abortion, or for refusing to do so -- but it sounded ugly. I was sorry she left with him. I hope she's okay.

The other was when a pickup truck drove by and some college-age men boys in the back yelled, "Pro-Choice!" and "Abort your babies!" Ugh. They are the kind of people who revel in abortion, because it gives them the "freedom" to be immature and irresponsible -- to be sexually promiscuous and not have to deal with the consequences of engaging in the biological act that is meant to create babies. I hope they'll grow up some day.

But we also had several people in cars honk and give us thumbs-up, so that was nice.

When the next 40 Days for Life campaign rolls around in September (the current one ends April 17), I'm going to try and make a commitment to pray there once a week (dependent on if my work schedule allows).

3. I have a new post up at the Catholic Phoenix blog, called Slavery, Abortion, and Abraham Lincoln.

4. My debit card number was stolen this week. :( Someone used it to buy $20 worth of merchandise at an online pharmacy (the transaction went through) and then tried to use it to buy a $443.47 airline ticket at a travel agency in Great Britain. Thankfully, Chase flagged that transaction as fraudulent, denied it, and contacted me. I'll get the $20 back too after I fill out and return a claim dispute form. But I had to cancel my debit card and am waiting for a new once, which is a huge inconvenience because I don't like to carry cash and hardly anywhere takes checks any more.

I can't figure out how it was stolen -- I'm VERY careful about where I shop online. I think I'll have to check my computers for spyware just in case.

5. We bought Voyage of the Dawn Treader this week! Yay! Haven't watched it yet but will probably do so this weekend. I heard that they are going to make The Magician's Nephew next. I was hoping for The Horse and His Boy, but I'll take what I can get!

6. I found out, to my embarrassment, that Elanor's RE class ends at 7:15 on Monday nights, not 7:30 like I thought. Collin thought it was 7:30, too. Why did they wait until the second-to-last class of the year before telling us that we were arriving 15 minutes late??

7. My dad is coming to visit a week from Saturday (!!). I need to clean my house.

Have a great weekend!


  1. A new blog design? That sounds fun! Thank you for praying at the vigil. I hope to do more of it next time too. I'm off to read your article at Catholic Pheonix!

  2. Can't wait to see your redesign - Kelsey is awesome :).

    Glad they caught the issue with your debit card before it got really bad.

  3. I am glad no more damage than $20 was done with your stolen debit card. And thanks for sharing your experience at 40 days for life. I need to find out where around here has that. I think there's a PP on the Kansas side that does abortions...so it's probably there.

    Can't wait to see your design! :)

  4. You are my hero on the 40 days for life thing. I may one day get up the courage.

    And, I can't wait to see the new blog design!


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